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The National Dental Plan in Canada

November 11, 2022

DIAC Attends Health Canada Briefing on New Canada Dental Benefit

Over the last few months the DIAC Board and management have been engaging with Health Canada Dental Task Force to understand and input into the development of the new federal program.

Executive Director Rhonda Lawson, Manager of Communications and Member Services Heather Plewes-LaBerge, and numerous DIAC Board members were invited to attend a briefing on 'Bill C31, An Act respecting benefits in relation to dental care' with the Director General of the Dental Care Task Force at Health Canada, Linda VanAmburg and members of her team.

We're pleased to be able to share the slides from that briefing with our members.

Click here to view the presentations in English or French

Remember: Your opinion and ideas matter! Please share your feedback with DIAC so that we can be a voice for you, the members of the dental industry, in this important process with Health Canada.

Email us anytime at

Updated September 13, 2022

DIAC is actively engaging with Health Canada on behalf of our members as the new National Dental Plan proposed by the federal government is being developed. 

On July 8, DIAC Executive Director, Rhonda Lawson, and Heather Plewes, DIAC's Manager of Communications & Member Services, met (virtually) with Lindy VanAmburg, Executive Director and other members of the Dental Care Task Force at Health Canada to provide a brief introduction on the history, purpose and goals of the Association as they pertain to development of a National Dental Plan.

A small DIAC task force consisting of Rhonda Lawson, Heather Plewes, President Henry Doyle, Past-President Jim Wareing, and five additional representatives from the Board of Directors was formed in July 2022. Based on input from members of the task force, Rhonda Lawson drafted a Discussion Paper for submission to the Dental Care Task Force within the Strategic Policy Branch at Health Canada and the paper was submitted electronically on August 5.

On September 6, the DIAC task force met with Lindy VanAmburg, Executive Director and other members of her team at Health Canada to discuss development of the program, ask questions, and share knowledge of the Canadian oral healthcare landscape. 

Continued collaboration between the DIAC task force and Health Canada is expected.

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