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DiAC is the Dental Industry Association of Canada.

We provide the industry with networking, regulatory information, collaboration, education, industry data, and government advocacy. We are the unified voice of industry, supporting our members and providing professional leadership in our community. 

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July 21, 2022 - NEW Bulletin from Health Canada

Health Canada is modernizing and transforming the Medical Devices Compliance Program

MDEL Bulletin July 21, 2022, from the Medical Devices Compliance Program

Health Canada is modernizing and transforming the MDC program to keep pace with scientific, market and supply chain developments. The COVID-19 pandemic has also driven change as a result of significant challenges, including:

  • a shift to remote work
  • an increase in safety and effectiveness issues with the supply chain shift
  • critical shortages of medical devices such as ventilators and personal protective equipment
  • a rise in regulatory non-compliance, such as false attestations about regulatory procedures
  • a surge in licenced establishments due to demand for COVID medical devices and personal protective equipment

The program is modernizing and transforming its operations in 4 main areas:

  • compliance and enforcement
  • regulations
  • business processes and information technology
  • enhanced engagement
To date, the program has implemented several modernization and transformation initiatives, including:
  • Strengthening compliance and enforcement by diversifying inspections
  • Modernizing compliance and enforcement oversight through regulatory amendments
  • Streamlining and modernizing business processes and use of information technology

  • Enhanced engagement including bi-weekly meetings with industry associations to discuss issues and updates.

The program continues to explore new initiatives to benefit the public and industry, including:

  • further automation of the annual licence review process
  • adding a single window to the landing page for contacting MDCP
  • permanent adoption of the electronic Manufacturer's Certificate to Export
  • emailing MDCP Bulletins to a broader audience, beyond current licence holders
  • an eLearning module to educate industry on medical device establishment licensing and post-market responsibilities

Current and future initiatives will result in:

  • a more modern, agile, robust and sustainable program
  • enhanced access to information on regulatory requirements and program changes
  • continued access to safe, effective and high quality medical devices for people living in Canada
  • simpler and automated processes for conducting business transactions and communicating with the program

Remember to visit the Regulatory Bulletins, Consultations & Updates page on our website frequently for important updates from Health Canada and other Regulatory Authorities

At the AGM on May 4, 2022, DIAC President Henry Doyle presented an update on the activities and accomplishments of the Association over the past year 

    Click below to watch the Zoom recording:                              Click below to review the slide deck:

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Medical Devices Compliance Links from Health Canada

Subsequent to our recent Health Canada DIAC Member Forum, one of our esteemed presenters shared a number of resources discussed during the sessions.

Chad Sheehy, Director of the Medical Devices Compliance Program in the Regulatory Operations & Enforcement Branch (ROEB) at Health Canada provided convenient links to some commonly raised questions and concerns.

Click here to access the helpful links!


Professional Resources exclusive to members with Health Canada and Regulatory updates, Future of Dentistry Survey, Market Data, and much more!


New Content on the Regulatory Bulletins, Consultations & Updates page:

Single-use Plastics Regulations

July 25, 2022 -  The Government of Canada published Consultation paper: a proposed federal plastics registry for producers of plastic products

The Government of Canada has committed to supporting provincial and territorial extended producer responsibility (EPR) efforts by establishing a federal plastics registry.

The purpose of this consultation paper is to seek stakeholder input as the Government develops this registry. 

July 25, 2022 -  The Government of Canada published Consultation paper: Towards Canada-wide rules to strengthen recycling and composting of plastics through accurate labelling

The Government of Canada has committed to introducing labelling rules that prohibit the use of the chasing-arrows symbol on plastic products unless 80 per cent of Canada’s recycling facilities accept, and have reliable end markets for, these products. In addition, the Department is seeking to address inaccurate biodegradability, degradability, and compostability claims for plastic products.

This consultation paper is the first opportunity for stakeholders to provide input on how this commitment could be met. 

Welcome to our Newest DiAC Member!

Robertson Human Assets Management

Robertson Human Assets Management provides Executive Search and Recruitment Services for the Medical Device and Dental Industries

The company was founded in 2000 by Linda Robertson, President who had first hand experience working in corporations that lacked the processes, programs, tools and partners to support, train and retain their key contributors or recruit top talent.

For the past 20 years, Linda and her team have successfully and consistently placed high performing sales and management professionals into growing companies while providing B2B consulting solutions and services to assist companies with revenue generation.

Linda also personally delivers coaching to individuals and management teams that is uniquely designed to identify existing opportunities for growth and expansion. Robertson's unique approach to business helps their clients ensure they have the right staff, systems and processes to succeed. 

Welcome Robertson!

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