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By-Law & Code of Ethics


The By-Law of the Association outlines the rules and obligations the membership has determined to manage its affairs. This includes the governance structure (Board & Management), the rights and obligations of membership and the process by which operations and business are conducted.

The By-Law is reviewed by the Board of Directors from time to time to ensure its requirements reflect the needs of the corporation at any point in time. Any by-law changes require shareholder/member approval.

To read the current By-Law of this not for profit Canadian Corporation, please consult the documents provided below in pdf format.

By-Law of the Dental Industry Association of Canada


Board Resolution re By-Law 3 - March 2021


Code of Ethics

Member companies of the Dental Industry Association of Canada/Association Canadienne de l’Industrie Dentaire are committed to adhering to the highest standards of business and ethical conduct as follows:

  • To have dental products or services available for sale to dental practitioners in Canada
  • To offer for sale and/or distribution only those products which fully comply with all federal, provincial, municipal and local laws, statutes, regulations, directives, ordinances and, without limitation, all other legal requirements applicable to the regulation of the Dental Industry (“Governing Laws”). For greater certainty, Governing Laws include all legal requirements relating to the regulation and governing of the use of facilities, storage and sale of products and service offerings, and the packaging of products by members of the Association.
  • To aspire to all international product standards such as ISO
  • To behave as good Canadian corporate citizens by:
    Operating in Canada or having Canadian-based staff servicing dental clients in Canada, either as a Canadian subsidiary of a foreign corporation or as Canadian staff on the payroll of a foreign corporation
    • Ensuring that all applicable and appropriate income taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes and duties are collected and remitted to the appropriate Canadian authorities
    • Ensuring that they or their agents and/or distributors collect and remit applicable Federal and Provincial sales taxes and duties in all jurisdictions in which they sell their products and/or services

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