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All members of the Association certify that they are in full compliance with all federal, provincial, municipal, local laws, statutes, regulations, directives, ordinances and without limitation, all other legal requirements applicable to the regulation of the dental industry, including the DiAC Code of Ethics, Inclusion Policy and By-Laws.

DiAC members gain a key competitive advantage and access to industry information, insights, best practices, support and business opportunities via:

Networking & Business Growth

Get to know industry leaders at networking events, conventions, and meetings throughout the year.

Cultivate referral contacts and build relationships with distributors across the industry that you can't get anywhere else.

Industry Collaboration

Tap into industry insights, trends, and solutions through DiAC'S partnerships with all relevant agencies, associations, and affiliates.

Regulatory Advocacy & Education

Stay abreast of the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape. 

Contribute your feedback to government consultations.

Take advantage of learning opportunities with DiAC's Health Canada contacts.

Market Data

Gain an advantage to competition with access to comprehensive industry data on product purchases, financing, and marketing. 

Enjoy access to DiAC's proprietary research, the annual Future of Dentistry survey report.

Who can become a member of DiAC?

As an Industry Association, DiAC members are companies - not individual practitioners. To be eligible for DiAC membership, an organization's scope of business must fall into one of the following categories:

Commercial Dental Laboratory

  • An entity in Canada which provides dental laboratory services, dentures, crowns, caps, plates, implants etc. initiated by prescription from a licensed practicing dentist in Canada, or in compliance with their regulatory bodies and in accordance with all regulatory and legal requirements.        

Dental Product Distributor    

  • An entity in Canada which in all aspects of its business distributes manufacturers' products, technology and services, authorized or licensed to be sold and distributed in the Canadian dental health care community. Holds current and valid MDEL and MDL's where required. 

Dental Service Organization (DSO) 

  • A dental service organization, also known as a dental support organization, which operates as an independent business support center in Canada that contracts with a minimum of twenty (20) dental practices in Canada and which provides business management and support to a group of dental practices, including non-clinical operations.

Dental Product Manufacturer  

  • An entity which conducts business in Canada as a manufacturer of equipment, products and technology used in the delivery of dental health care services across Canada in accordance with all regulatory and legal requirements. Holds valid MDEL's and MDL's as required.

Professional Service Provider to Dental Industry     

  • An entity in Canada which provides services to the dental health care community across Canada, including business consulting, financial consulting, education, coaching and information technology in accordance with all regulatory and legal requirements.

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