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The Board of Directors of DiAC is made up of volunteer representatives from member companies.  Board members serve terms of four years in duration and may stand for re-election at the end of their four year term. Board members are elected by the membership at the annual general meeting and usually sit on one or more committees of the Board. Board Committees include: Audit & Finance, Technorama & Conventions, Regulatory & Industry Affairs, Membership, Market Research & Data, Commercial Laboratories and Executive & Governance. 

DiAC’s by-laws and governance structure allow for members in good standing to nominate employees/owners of member companies to the Board of Directors and at the annual general meeting the membership votes for those nominated to sit on the Board for a term which can be 1-4 years dependent on the board vacancy.

The elected directors are responsible for electing the executive of the Association. This takes place at the Board meeting immediately following the AGM, which in this case was June 22, 2021. 

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  Executive Members of the Board of Directors

Henry has been a member of DiAC for many years and is well known in the dental industry through his companies which include: Heaps & Doyle, Al Heaps & Associations, Hill Kindy, Practice Solutions, Associates on Demand, Dental Practice Consolidators, HD Dental Coaching Experdent Web Services and his involvement with the Pacific Dental Industry Association. Henry and his companies are representative of the service sector of our membership. 

Henry’s vision for DiAC includes growing our membership, financial stability, continued strengthening our voice with regulators both federal and provincial, re-starting our in person events and programming, building our profile in an industry that is shifting and pivoting ensuring DiAC’s relevance to our current and future members.

Bonnie Tan, a partner at MNP consulting will continue to provide her expertise in finance and management to DiAC both as a board member and lead on the finance committee of the board. 

We thank Bonnie for her continued dedication and support of the Association as she continues in her board and executive roles. 

Bonnie and MNP are representative of the service sector of the membership.

Jim will remain on the Board of Directors in an advisory role as Past President and a non-executive, non-voting member of the board. Thank you, Jim for your four years of service on the executive of DiAC and your continued service as Past President for the next two years. 

Mr. Jim Wareing, The Aurum Group steps down as President after his two year term. Jim’s tenure as President was in the two toughest years that the Association has ever had to manage. His unwavering support, time commitment and pragmatic approach was a significant contribution to the Association and even though times were tough, we managed to increase our profile with external stakeholders, build a better communications and management system to add value to our members, broaden our membership definitions and revamp our by-laws. We also delivered our first virtual conference which was a resounding success. 

Jim and The Aurum Group are representative of the commercial laboratory sector of the Association.

All Members of the 2021-2022 Board of Directors

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