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Our History

Since 1978, the Dental Industry Association of Canada has been the voice of the dental industry for Canada. Nine titans in the Canadian dental industry met to establish the by-laws and hold the first AGM on May 17, 1978, with the first letters patent registered on July 31, 1978.

The first Board of Directors included Al Austin of Ash Temple, Fred Heaps of Dentsply Canada, Les Jones of Amalgamated Dental, Karl Kempnich of Williams Gold, Norm Laberge of Novocol, Yves Lambert of Depot Dentaire, Robert Viau of Johnson & Johnson and Art Zwingenberger of Lux & Zwingenberger, with Lee Maddison of Medi-Dent elected as the first President of DIAC.

The mission of DIAC has evolved and expanded over the years from its beginnings as a forum for consensus on trade show management, regulatory affairs and market research. Today, DIAC is the respected voice of the industry in matters of business ethics, legislative change, industry issues, communication and industry collaboration with dental associations in Canada and globally. We sponsor the Technorama Lab and Technology trade show annually, bringing together members of the commercial laboratory and technology industry. The initial objectives of our association have remained steadfast as we continue to build programming that provides value to our members.

DIAC Presidents

1978-1980  Lee Madison, Medi-Dent

1980-1982 Fred Heaps, Dentsply Canada

1982-1984 Jeff Markle, Denco

1984-1986 Stew Cannon, L.D. Caulk Canada

1986-1988 Robert Cajolet, Canada Dental

1988-1990 Robert Viau, Johnson & Johnson

1990-1992 Gary Jarvis, Ash Temple

1992-1994 Erla Kay, Southam Business Publications

1994-1996, Eva Young, SciCan

1996-1998 Cy Elborne, Ash Temple

1998-2000 John Paterson, Kodak Canada

2000-2002 Barbara Brown, Ash Temple

2002-2004 David Lind, CIT Financial

2004-2006 Guylaine McCallum, Septodont

2006-2008 Tim Brown, 3M

2008-2010 Peter Jugoon, Henry Schein Canada

2010-2012 - Jamie Matera, Central Dental Laboratories

2012-2014 Susanne Currie, Procter & Gamble

2014-2015 Lisa Citton-Battel, 3M

2015-2017 David Marks, Henry Schein Canada

2017-2019 Dianne Grassie, Premier Dental

2019-2021 Jim Wareing, The Aurum Group

2021-2023 Henry Doyle, Heaps & Doyle

2023-2025 Alain Dumais

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